Life of Pi


From Academy Award winning director Ang Lee comes Life of Pi, based upon Yann Martel’s much loved book. An epic adventure of magical realism, Life of Pi follows the story of a young man’s incredible survival at sea against almost impossible odds. While cast away, he forms an amazing and unexpected connection with another survivor… a fearsome Bengal tiger.

Damaris produced six videos, a Leader’s Guide and Supplementary Resources for both Schools and Churches.

The first four videos below form a series which uses clips from the film to explore different perspectives on the issues of hope, truth and faith. The latter two videos explore the questions “What does it mean to be human?” and “Can we decide what to believe?”

If you need to view any of these videos offline, please email and we will provide you with a download.

The Leader’s Guide provides all you need to put on an event around the film (for a few friends or a large group) and contains template posters, invitations, themed recipes, quizzes, discussion questions and background information.

The Supplementary Resource for Schools provides additional questions and reflections for use by schools, to help students engage more deeply with the philosophical and religious themes raised by the film.

The Supplementary Resource for Churches provides additional questions and reflections for use by churches, to help people engage more deeply with the spiritual ideas raised by the film.